Fall 2010

CS 4460/6456: Intro and Principles of User Interface Software

Instructor: Keith Edwards
keith (at) cc (dot) gatech (dot) edu
Office: TSRB 344; hours TBA (currently by appointment)

Co-instructor: Christopher Le Dantec
ledantec (at) cc (dot) gatech (dot) edu
Office: Just outside TSRB 344; hours TBA (currently by appointment)

TA: Matt Bonner
matt.bonner (at) gatech (dot) edu
Office: TBA; hours TBA (currently by appointment)

Class Meetings: Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30-11:00
Location: CCB 101

Course Description

This is a cross-listed upper-division undergraduate and graduate course focused on understanding the fundamentals of user interface software architectures. Course lectures will cover the history of the graphic user interface, including the evolution of display and input technologies, and will layout the fundamental concepts of modern interface architectures by covering in great detail the Java Swing API. In addition to exams that cover fundamental concepts, undergraduate students will work on a semester-long group project and graduate students will develop projects of their own.

Please see the course syllabus for more details.