Fall 2021

VIP: VoterTech

The goal of the VoterTech team is to investigate factors that affect voter turnout among college students and developing technologies to facilitate:

  • Voter registration
  • Transportation to the Polls on Election Day or for Early Voting (via ride sharing)
  • Early and Absentee voting
  • Reporting of Voting Irregularities

Some of the issues we will be addressing:

  • What percentage of eligible college students are registered to vote and where?
  • If registered at home, what percent vote early, by absentee ballot, on election day, or not at all?
  • What factors affect college students’ likelihood of voting?
  • What are the information needs of college students when voting?
  • What are the differences in awareness between local issues (local to place of registration) and national issues?
  • Does that difference impact desire to vote?

Additional details about the class can be found here or on the VIP wiki.