Summer 2022

CS 3750 – User Interface Design

This course is an introduction to Human-Centered Computing and user-centered design process. You will be introduced to a number of different techniques and tools for understanding particular interaction design challenges, you will develop scenarios and storyboards, create low-fidelity prototypes, and iterate on those prototypes to create a final design project.

Spring 2022

CS 7455: Issues in Human-Centered Computing

From the GT catalog: [CS 7455 provides an] in-depth focus on theoretical, methodological, conceptual, and technical issues across the HCC disciplines associated with humans (cognitive, biological, socio-cultural); design; ethics; and analysis and evaluation. What this means: HCC quals prep and a spring-board into your research. We will be reading, and re-reading core texts for the HCC discipline; synthesizing core concepts, methods, and theories across the discipline; and building a foundation for individual research programs within HCC.

VIP: Voter Tech

The goal of the VoterTech VIP team is to investigate factors that affect voter turnout among college students and developing technologies to support students as they seek information about how to vote while at school. This includes understanding school policies on voting, absentee and early voting, voter registration, and transportation to and from polling places.